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Startup Video Creation - A Walkthrough – Startup Video is a Animated Explainer Company!


Startup Video Creation – A Walkthrough

Startup video is much more personal and appealing than endless blocks of text or badly done graphics. These videos can catch and your visitor’s attention with graphics and audio in combination with movement. They can be incredibly creative and entertaining little shorts, and are excellent for evoking emotion in users.
Startup videos have been used on a number of well known websites, from storefronts through social media, and of course the ever-well-known YouTube. Adding video content is a great way to drum up publicity and excitement about a new product, and it can even result in a viral video taking off just by being shared on social media.  Statistics prove that when products have video explainers that go viral, sales also rise sharply and remain high throughout a good portion of the campaign life cycle.
It is not as simple as just sitting in front of a camera, or slapping together a hand drawn cartoon video, however.  Your video has to be reflective of how professional and excellent your product is – even if your product is more on the casual side. An incredibly amateur video done on YouTube that contains nothing but some MS Paint mouse drawn pictures and Lady Gaga playing in the background is not likely to help your campaign at all – though it may be a good start to figuring out what you want your video to look like.
So, how is a great animated video made? Let’s find out next.

  1.  Identify Your Main Objective
    What is your bottom line?  What is the number one point you want to get across to your visitors? What feeling or emotion do you want your video to evoke? You won’t have much success if you don’t match these correctly – for example, using a laugh track over a video of clowns probably won’t work very well if you are selling health insurance because health is a serious issue.  It is very important to match the feeling and tone of your video with your bottom line and concept. Also, don’t over complicate things! It is easy to get caught up in stuffing every little detail in, but this is generally not necessary for conversion.

  3.  Storyboard Creation
    Storyboard creation is the best time to get creative and go into a crazy amount of of detail. In fact, it is best to be as detailed as possible when creating storyboards, so you have the best idea of what your final video product will look like.This makes it easier to spot any issues or errors long before the video ever reaches visitor eyes. Visualization is a very important step within the creative process if you want the perfect video you imagine, so be thorough. The first step is to make a rough outline of every single second of your video – from start to finish. Do not start animating until you know exactly what it is you plan to show. Remember – keep everything to two minutes or less, as this is about the length of time most people are willing to pay attention.

  5. Hire a Great Voice Talent
    Poor voice talent can make your video – or break the entire concept at the last minute. You will likely not even want to watch your own video if the voice talent you choose sounds like nails on a chalkboard is is boring and monotone. Nothing kills a funny video faster than a completely awful voiceover!  Be sure you get a sample from your voice talent, and demo it to several people you trust, especially members of the production team.Once you find your voice talent, the next step in the process is choosing background music.  Choose music that is in line with the tone or emotional feeling you want your video to have. Make sure that it is not too loud, or your voice over talent will be wasted and drowned out.  Loud, angry music is almost never a good choice for explainer videos unless you happen to be explaining a punk metal band.

  7.  Launch, and Celebrate Your New Success
    Congratulations, and Good Luck! You have made it through the incredible process of making startup videos. Your next quest is to get your video out there, and noticed! Y Posting your video on your own website is a great start,  but don’t neglect to share your video on social media sites as well. Facebook Fan Pages, or YouTube are both great places to get your video out there. Try developing a mailing list or network prior to launch by subscribing to other YouTube channels, and requesting people subscribe to you. Remember to be excited about your product! Excitement and passion is contagious. Share your video with everyone you comfortably can – obviously, don’t spam people who have said no thanks, but even friends and family can be the beginning of a long chain of referrals.

For all of the many reasons listed above, there is no other marketing technique out there that is as effective as a well made startup video. Startup videos are, essentially – commercials. Much like on television, they are only effective if they are well made and appealing.  If you have an upcoming project, an explainer video can and will help you get the word out there in the best way possible!

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